One time when I was feeling really sick of life and knew that I’d totally hit rock bottom, I randomly craved for donuts. And I’m actually not a donut person, I rarely eat them so I have no idea why of all the food in the world, it had to be donuts. My vegan friend once said to me, to be happier, we have to sustain our bodies with healthy food. So I thought if I was gonna end up on the path of fried, sugary goodness, might as well choose the lesser evil among them. Why not vegan donuts!?

I’ve already been following Green bar cafe‘s ig for awhile before I even placed an order on food panda. Food Panda confused me way back so I’ve only learned to use it out of desperation for these vegan donuts lol. My first transaction went pretty smoothly and my order arrived on time, after an hour as stipulated on their website. You may choose to pay online or by COD, as well as leave messages for the vendor regarding the details of your order such as flavor, variant, number of pieces, etc.


Day1: My first order consisted of two vegan donuts with cherry icing and macadamia, strawberry with pistachios and a speculoos filled donut with chocolate frosting. I didn’t specify which donuts I wanted, just mentioned 3 regular donuts and 1 filled since it was my first time to try them. Before I placed my order on food panda, I called the number of their shop first and asked which kinds were available. (they rotate 3 flavors every day and they usually sell out early) The regular gourmet donuts cost 50 php each and the filled gourmet donuts are 65 php each. Food Panda charges a delivery fee of 59 php for each transaction. I also placed an order for 8 pcs of glazed donut nibblers (not in photo, 35php) because they were cheap(WHICH TASTED AMAZING BTW. LIKE BITING INTO CLOUDS!!)  The verdict? I’ve honestly never tasted anything soooooo good before! omg I’ve become a donut convert, but even better, a vegan donut convert! The strawberry pistachios became my instant favorite.


Day2: The following day, I was curious for their next flavor rotation so I again placed an order for 3 gourmet donuts and 1 filled donut. I let them decide which kinds to give me, and I got 1 mexican chocolate, 2 pcs of cookies and cream and a chocolate mousse filled glazed donut (topped with nuts or “bacun”…i can’t remember haha) I enjoyed the Mexican chocolate, especially after yesterday’s mostly all berry selection, this was a welcome change plus the chocolate was thick, delicious and nicely spiced.


The cookies and cream were ok, not bad but nothing too exceptional for me(compared to the other variants). Probably because of the cookie dust not packing enough flavor.


The dark chocolate mousse was quite bitter and tasted well with the sweet glaze and salty candied topping.


Day3: My orders consisted mostly of strawberry almonds donuts since their strawberry icing was one of my top choices and I’m totally crazy for sliced almonds. Perfection.


Chocolate ganache and strawberry jelly filled. The jelly was sweet and tart in contrast to the indulgent chocolate icing.


 I also tried one of their popular soft tacos, the Popcorn Chickun, which consisted of battered tofu, shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, chipotle cream and cojito cheese. This was SO GOOD! And it was pretty affordable at 105 php. I could eat five of these haha


Day4: They had mexican chocolate again! But this variant had macadamia as toppings which provided extra crunch. I also tried one of their Maple glazed with bacun.


The spiced chocolate was really addicting!


I was blown away by this flavor! The slick maple syrup was very sweet but paired together with the salty “bacun”, they were really amazing together on this soft pillowy dough! Words can’t describe, Heaven in one bite lol. Definitely another one of my favorites, I’m stalking this donut!


This time I tried another variant of their soft tacos, with vegan Longganisa. Yum!


Day5: Placed an order for more strawberry donuts with almonds and dark chocolate ganache with macadamia. Nomnom. Sometimes I don’t know if I get the names of the donuts correctly since I call and just list down what they tell me, unless I see the posts on their ig and correct them upon writing 🙂

Day6: Chocolate mousse filled with pistachios and Cherry macadamia. Recurring favorites, but I kept hoping for the smores donuts…I’ve called for almost 2 weeks straight and they never came up haha


Day7: Peanut butter oreos and Strawberry pistachios. Finally a new variant which I wanted to try! I didn’t order donuts everyday for 7 days though, but picked and chose those I think I may want to scarf down. (example, I skipped passion fruit, anything with mangoes or apples and cinnamon) I thought the peanut butter would be more on the salty side, but Green bar’s PB was just the right balance of sweet and salty; I was surprised that I was crazy for it and kinda got bummed out because I only ordered one piece lol. Another to add to my favorites list among Green Bar cafe’s extensive vegan donut selection!


Green Bar Cafe

Address: M-104 West of Ayala Building, 252 Sen Gil Puyat Ave. Ayala Center, Makati

Contact: 885-7537

Hours: 9AM to 10PM

Green bar cafe is on facebook and ig: @greenbar_cafe