Restoran Garuda is a restaurant chain hailing from Indonesia with branches in South East Asia and has finally opened in the Philippines. The restaurant is conveniently located right across the Indonesian Embassy in Makati.


They held an opening promo a few months ago, so we definitely had to check them out!

This post chronicles several visits to the establishment.

**As of writing, Restoran Garuda has extended their promo until July 31, 2017. YEY!**


The interior is clean and spacious with a bar and some interesting art murals.


Nasi Goreng Packet with chicken sate.

All the packet meals were on promo at 199 php (original price 295 php) with free house blend iced tea, as well as the special packet which includes the nasi goreng. You may choose among chicken, beef, or vegetarian sates; here we opted for chicken. The sauce was really strong and was overpowering for me but it still tasted good lol. The grilled chicken pieces were tender and went well with the fried rice.


Daging (beef) rendang packet.

One of their best sellers, the beef rendang had a really spicy sauce! I don’t recommend this for people who cannot handle spicy food, although eaten together with the veggies and curried rice was an outstanding flavor experience. Just drink lots of water haha. There are six sides available for the packets: Perkadel Jagung, Perkadel Kentang (traditional potato fritters), Bakwan Sayur (Vegetable fritters), Urap (steamed vegetables with grated coconut dressing), Tahu Goreng (pan-fried marinated tofu) and Telur Balado (hard boiled egg sauted in chili paste). I chose Perkadel Jagung (corn fritters) with my packet and they tasted crunchy and amazing with the hint of sweetness from the corn. All packets also come with Krupuk (deep fried crackers). By the way, I love how the rice is piled high as a triangular tower.


Martabak – 385 php

I think we ordered the beef one and there’s also a chicken variant. It’s a savory pancake with minced meat, eggs and spices pan fried to a crisp. A very hearty and wonderful meal dipped in a sweet and spicy sauce.



Ayam (chicken) Goreng Packet

Fried chicken topped with coconut flakes. It had a very interesting texture, which reminded me of pork floss.


Ayam Mee Goreng – 290 php

Indonesian fried noodles with veggies and egg. The sauce is delish!


Ayam Bakar Padang Packet– Broiled chicken in a kind of curry sauce.


Ayam Kremas Packet– Indonesian style fried chicken.


Pangsit Udang – 255 php

Minced prawn and chicken fried dumplings which come with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce.


The skin is sooo crunchy and these make great appetizers or just for snacking on.


One time, we ordered some chicken mee goreng again. The chewy noodles and fragrant sauce has me hooked!



Tehbotol – 85 php

I heard from one of my friends that this is Indonesia’s popular bottled iced tea and is worth a try, so we did. It has a scent similar to our local gulaman drink and tastes mild with a hint of jasmine. It wasn’t too sweet which was great.


Ayam Pop Packet – stewed chicken similar to Philippines’ tinola without the soup.


Bakwan Sayur (3 pcs – 165 php) – Vegetable fritters served with a sweet and tangy dipping sauce. I don’t know where the sauce for our order went but we asked for some kecap manis (indonesian sweet soy sauce) instead since they have it available upon request. These are my utmost FAVORITES! The fried veggies have a warm, crunchy yet pillowy batter which is similar to japanese kakiage (mixed vegetable tempura) in my opinion. I couldn’t stop eating them. Yum!


And my contender for all the packets is the Ayam Rendang Packet lol. I went back to the first dish I tried but had the chicken instead of the beef but for some reason this had me coming back for more. I guess I really prefer chicken over beef. I’ve eaten this meal around 3 separate occasions and will continue to do so in the future even when the promo has sadly long gone.

The “make your own” packet meals are a must-try in Restoran Garuda so as to sample some of their larger and more expensive main courses with a variety of the appetizers, vegetables and rice. Indonesian food is still not mainstream enough in the Philippines so I think these packet meals would be ideal for those just starting out with this cuisine. Try your favorites and then come back for the next with your friends!


Restoran Garuda

Address: Ground Floor, Beneficial Life Building, 166 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Hours: 11AM to 10PM (they sometimes close on public holidays)

Contact: 02 8243440

Restoran Garuda is on facebook and ig: @garudaphilippines