The swanky Parisian boutique Laduree, located at the upscale 8 Rockwell Center has been open for quite some time now, but it was my first time to visit there just recently. I’m not a person who cares a lot for macarons, but I do love dainty cute things and ambiances so I thought, why not pop over at the nearest(and prettiest) branch to check it out? I’ve been wanting to buy one of their kitty bags anyway so I grabbed the chance when we had to go to Rockwell. I had honestly never been to or even heard of 8 Rockwell Center until this day lol. The Laduree boutique is just gorgeous and the interior is the stuff of cherubs.


I have this thing for fancy chandeliers. I just love them, and that painted heavenly ceiling is totally instagram worthy.


Angels everywhere! Is this French heaven?


The macarons and the merchandise intermingle very nicely on their wall of pastel colors.


Yummy looking chocolates. A small box of pralines costs more than 2,000 php.


The macarons list. The flavors look very intriguing, especially the Muguet, Griotte and Orange blossom. From experience, Lavender macarons don’t bade so well with me.


I give them props for the adorably whimsical packaging designs.


They even have a perfume line which comes in equally lovely spray bottles.


I purchased one of their kitty bags which is also the last stock of that design. Phew! I was so relieved that I was able to buy it since it’s one of their older styles from an earlier collection. I was afraid it would be gone and they wouldn’t restock. The salesladies were all very courteous and friendly, and they took the time to wrap up my purchase quite nicely. At the ribbon station, they will even ask you what color you prefer for your bow.


The shop display out front. There’s a purple vibey theme going on.


They put my package inside a huge Laduree shopping bag LOL. And the purple bow I chose was tied expertly. I guess for the high price of the product comes equally superb customer service. Not complaining, but I was quite impressed at the level of quality haha. It is Parisian after all??


In the parking lot, we came across this adorably noisy and friendly kitty with a stub of a tail. Aww.


Yes kitty cat, you may get in my bag.


I just had to photograph the unboxing at home lol. I couldn’t get over how perfect that ribbon was.


I wouldn’t have been able to fathom how they managed to wrap a square bag so compactly like this.


Even the stickers bear the name Laduree. haha


Laduree bag (small) – 1,500 php


The bag is made of a shiny quality vinyl material and holds my books nicely. That cat’s face is amazing and of course I’m a fan of the pattern and colors. Maybe if Laduree releases more fancy cat designs in the future, I’ll get another one.


Laduree Philippines

Address: Unit 103, 8 Rockwell Center, Hidalgo Drive, Makati

Hours: 11AM to 8PM

Phone: 0917 5795447

Laduree ph is on facebook