I’ve been wanting to try out one of the Unicorn cafes located in the Philippines, so me and my friend went to the nearest one for us which is in Maginhawa street. Maginhawa is known for being a foodie’s paradise with restaurants literally within walking distance from each other, and we would’ve loved to eat in every one of them LOL but for today, we focused on our mission, to stuff ourselves with rainbow food and unicorn-themed drinks!


The house rules are clearly posted on the door as soon as you arrive. We wondered about the no flash photography one. Was it so as not to scare the unicorns? jk


Even from the outside with the huge glass windows, the interior is clearly seen and the walls are covered with unicorn art in pastel hues.


A platform is set up for taking photos with colorful stuffed ponies and plushies!


My reaction was literally OMGGGG I’ve died and gone to unicorn heaven. I’m crazy for the artwork. So cute!


We arrived quite early, just a little after the opening hours, hence the cafe was still pretty empty. This was ok for me since I wanted to take a bazillion photos before the crowd surged. I heard the lines could get pretty long outside.


Their menu offers a selection of rice meals, waffles and milkshakes. They also serve snacks such as nachos, grilled cheese sandwiches and pasta. It was hard to choose only a few of the drinks and desserts since we knew they would be cute but didn’t want to go overboard with the sugar.


Strawberry Cheesecake shake – 120 php

I enjoyed this more than I expected, hence I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted like a mild liquid cheesecake, and the smooth cream on top blended nicely into the drink.


The pink sugar around the rim was also a delightful treat to smack on while drinking this shake (plus it looked sooo pretty!). Pair with the chewy marshmallows for a truly indulgent experience!


It’s supposed to resemble a unicorn’s face. I want more marshmallows for eating though lol.


S’mores hot choco – 80 php

If you love hot chocolate drinks, then this is for you. It’s topped with a scoop of cream in a sea of marshmallow foam with rainbow candy sprinkles.


Cookie Monster shake – 120 php

It was sweet, but we couldn’t really taste the cookies so much. It’s nice and blue though lol


Carbonara – 150 php

This dish is the cutest thing ever! The presentation is simple but the bright colors make it stand out and I think both kids and adults would enjoy diving into this pasta.


i love what they did with the cut out cheese, ham and bread stars, all in varying sizes.


The sauce is placed at the bottom of the plate so as not to mess up the colors of the noodles initially, which I thought was brilliant, and when you mix everything up, that’s when you could taste and bask in the flavors. I don’t usually like carbonara but this one was commendable. The sauce wasn’t too rich and overpowering as well. It’s a must-try in this cafe!


Rainbow Grilled Cheese – 100 php

It’s basically a grilled cheese sandwich topped with a fried egg. Simple yet tasty! The top of the sandwich was cut out in a star shape and placed decoratively on the side with a small dish of ketchup.


The grilled mozzarella was colored pink and purple. It was quite the visual novelty.


I liked how the gooey mozzarella tasted with the slightly runny egg yolk.


Our food thus far..we ended up ordering plenty of items from the menu, probably good enough for 3-4 people haha.



Crispy Fish Fillet – 150 php

The fish was cooked well and comes with a tartar dipping sauce and some diced onions and tomatoes. Staying true to the cutesy theme, they molded the rice into individual hearts and stars shapes.


Strawberry white choco waffle – 150 php

The waffle comes with a small pot of maple syrup to drizzle over it, and a streak of red jam on the side.

There’s also a blueberry version of this dessert with baby blue colored icing! It was so difficult to choose between those two flavors, but when in doubt, go for the pink one.


More than half of the waffle is slathered in a thick white chocolate icing and sprinkled with rainbow candy stars as well as mini chocolate chips, all in pink.


It’s an overly sweet dessert! This is enough to make all the teeth in your mouth ache, although the waffle comes with a tart strawberry filling which mildly counteracts the extreme sweetness of the white chocolate coating. It’s a nice treat (both visually and taste-wise) but I would probably recommend this to be eaten by 3 or more people due to the hefty sugar overdose. The waffle itself isn’t dry which is a plus in my book. I’d love to try the other variants next time!


For every 150 php purchase per person, you are entitled to try on one of their unicorn onesies for photo ops. It’s a very novelty idea! Since plenty of the items on the menu are affordable, a lot of the customers take this offer and instagram selfies to their hearts’ content. My friend and I chose a purple and pink onesie. It looks funny all tucked in like this initially haha.

By the time we finished, plenty of people had come and taken up all available tables and space. And this was during a week day. I assume they’re packed in the evenings and weekends as well.


Rainbow Dreams cafe is located on the 2nd floor of #80 Maginhawa street.


Rainbow Dreams Cafe

Address: 2F, #80 Maginhawa street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

Restaurant hours: 12 Noon to 9PM

Rainbow Dreams Cafe is on facebook