It’s barely been a month since the Hello Kitty cafe opened in the Philippines, but me and my friends headed there one Saturday morning since we had some free time while window shopping that weekend. And of course we were crazy for anything food and cute..being Hello Kitty, this official sanrio cafe branch has been stunning tourists and locals alike with their adorable cafe fare and interior in various countries for awhile now. This was our first Hello Kitty cafe experience. In the future, we hope to try the other international branches located in Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, etc.


Huge golden bird cages are clearly visible from the outside of the shop. The anticipation is mounting!


We booked our reservation a few days ago and got a text message the previous day confirming our 12 noon slot. The cafe was already packed when we arrived.


I love the uniform of the servers…they have a very cute blue and pink theme going on, paired with adorable berets.


The dessert case. Unfortunately, what they have on display are the only ones available on the menu for the day. Some of the best sellers were already sold out.


Note the Kitty pies on the top shelf.


Mango Charlotte (large) – 1,999 php

They didn’t have the smaller ones left which are plated beautifully with flowers and a mini bird cage. Disappointing.


It’s totally adorable inside, featuring lots of pastel hues and gold.


Even the chairs feature Hello Kitty’s classic trademark bow.


Just sitting down, I’m already a fan of the cafe’s tableware and furnishings.


Oreo Mint Cappuccino – 210 php


I have to give them credit for making the frappes’ presentation very photogenic. There’s also Matcha Green Tea and Strawberry Peanut Butter versions available at 295 php each.


S’mores Latte – 195 php

This was quite yummy with chunks of gooey melted mallows mingling with the drink. It’s only fault is that it needs to be larger lol.


White Truffle Kirsch – 399 php


Kirsch is a kind of brandy made from cherries, and this dessert is a tiny mound of white chocolate mousse (which is extremely SWEET btw). It is topped with fresh cream, candy bow, strawberry syrup and slices of strawberries.


Hot Mocha – 195 php

The edible gold beads and chocolate sprinkles make this an enchanting cup of coffee, although the drink tasted too acidic for me.


This is Hello Kitty drowning in a bath of cream and foam while waiting for the food to arrive….


I feel you Kitty, I’m staaarving.


Moroccan Chicken – 399 php

My friend ordered this plate. The toast was almost indecipherable but anyway they tried lol. Chicken was so-so albeit the dollops of plain tomato paste were quite upsetting considering the price. Oy.


Creamy Pink Carbonara – 389 php

Me and my other friend both ordered the same dish haha. Well on instagram it looked pretty enough but my plate’s egg came in smashed. And the noodles are supposed to be arranged in a heart shape.


Ok, his pasta’s soft boiled egg was more presentable so here’s a better photo lol.


After an hour or so, we could finally dig in! The cooking time took awhile..


The carbonara had a hefty amount of noodles, with enough ham, mushrooms and bacon toppings. Still lacked some flavor for me though. Maybe more salt?


My friend’s carbonara was pinker than mine! Boo. Anyway, here’s a picture of his pasta LOL


I didn’t really care for the White Truffle Kirsch. We only chose it because it was the only pastel colored dessert available in the display case(and we thought it was a cake). The mousse is awesomely smooth but this reminded me why I dislike white chocolate in general. This is also very pricey and extremely sweet. Unless you absolutely adore the taste of white chocolate, I wouldn’t really recommend this dessert in the cafe.


I enjoyed the orange with chocolate syrup on the tart pieces of strawberries more.


Hello Kitty Cafe is located on the 3rd floor of the Uptown Mall, BGC. For now they don’t really accommodate walk-ins and it’s best to secure a slot by booking a table. Contact 8177596 for reservations.


Hello Kitty Cafe Philippines 

Address: Third Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Restaurant Hours: 11AM to 10PM

Hello Kitty Cafe Ph is on facebook and instagram