The first of July started promptly with a fun night out with friends, dinner and drinks at Mr.Rockefeller in Greenbelt then hopping around various bars. Met some cool new people from different countries and just basically chilled and hung out on a Saturday night. My good friend did my hair and makeup that evening and we looked oh so pretty~


Cheese puffs and an order of Baked White Fish 

The tender fish was cooked in a rich bechamel sauce and cheese with a side of vegetable rice. Hearty and delectable!


A turtle pie from Sugarhouse which I received as a late night dessert when my friend came over for movie night. It was very chocolatey gooey, crunchy and sweet and we enjoyed our slices with some hot tea. Yum!

The next day was our scheduled Yakiniku buffet appointment with Urameshiya lol It was my friend’s first time to try it so we were both excited!

The heart shaped wagyu were so cute!! We took a couple as well as a ton of scallops.


The heart shaped wagyu weren’t as tender as the cubes but they’re ok. Just for the cute factor haha.


Yummy chicken skewers! “Momo” means the thigh part of the chicken. So delish!



The dipping sauce mixed with chili paste is the best. I love having it very spicy, especially the scallops.


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We found this unusual “Kowai hanashi” (scary story) gum pack series from Teppen super market, and it features a short scary story with the gum. This one is about the corpse of a cat. Each pack costs 35 php.


One time I tried Family Mart‘s new Strawberry soft serve and it was ok. Kinda sour and sweet.

Another time, my friend asked me to hang out at the mall and he treated me to some drinks. We had berry tea at Teaberi and Frozen Royal McFreeze from Mcdonalds.


For dinner we headed to Sharsha Food Service for dumplings. My brother ordered one of their newest offerings, a kind of chicken ramen.

Read my post about Sharsha Food Service here


One of my mother’s favorite restaurants is Bistro Ravioli, and we usually have Sunday dinner there. They have excellent pasta and their pizza dough is quite tasty, so it’s also one of my favorite places to eat at.

Garlic Seafood Spaghetti – 220 php


Garlic Clam Supreme pizza – 490 php

I loved the strong garlic flavor as well as the generous amount of baby clams. Will order this again!


Rada Mart supplies a variety of interesting korean ice cream at affordable prices so I am always ready to try anything from there! This is like a chocolate creamsicle with fudge filling inside. A must try for chocoholics!


I had to run some errands one morning, and dropped by The Pantree for Bun Appetit ‘s famous Lobster rolls. It was their first time to open a shop in Makati besides their usual food booth in the Salcedo Saturday Market. I was there early (before 10AM) so the place was still devoid of people. Yey!


They also sell home made healthy sweets!


Lobster Roll – 595 php

If you can get over the initial shock regarding the price, then sit back and enjoy the juicy lobster chunks on a toasty buttered bun. The spices are minimal with a dab of mayonnaise so as not to overpower the delicious simplicity of the seafood. Although you may add some siracha sauce if you want for an extra spicy kick.


Yeaaaah I could probably eat 10 of these. I also met the owner who was very nice and enthusiastic to see me because I was the first customer during their opening day lol


Garlic noodles – 100 php

This was sweet and savory with a generous garlicky taste. I’ll order this again next time.

Bun Appetit is on facebook and instagram


I still haven’t tried the japanese offerings from Kessaku. I want those wagyu cubes!


A spontaneous dinner at one of my favorite Indian restaurants, Swagat. Indian food is the best!


This instant Rose milk tea from Rada Mart is one of the best I’ve ever had! The rose fragrance is delicate yet pleasantly aromatic, and when hot, makes for a soothing cup of creamy goodness which just relaxes the soul. A box costs 180 php with 10 sachets and they sell out easily too, so grab em while you can!


My friend brought over a pasta dish for me which her mother cooked. Apparently it’s called a Cannelloni, an Italian dish consisting of stuffed rolls of pasta cooked in a cheese sauce. Since I’m a great lover of cheese, I welcomed this pan of deliciousness with wide open arms.


I LOVE CHEESE!! Even when it’s cold and not yet melted, I just love eating it as it is.


Dissecting the Cannelloni before warming it up. There’s a filling of chicken, vienna sausage, with a tomato and bechamel sauce.


Melty cheesy goodness!!! Plus I loved the texture of the chewy pasta with the gooey cheese and delicious filling. Super thumbs up!!!


Boulangerie22 usually has a bunch of sweet and savory breads on sale for half the price if you ask at the counter and they’ll readily present you with the day’s offerings.


Strawberry cream cheese bread, one of my favorites!


Buy 1 take 1 macarons in a cute ribbon arrangement. Just perfect as gifts or for entertaining guests.


It still amazes me how thick the buttercream is!


Chocolate Espresso Creme Frappe – 99 php

This is my new favorite cold drink from this bakery. The liquid is so smooth and tastes chocolatey yet bitter enough to emphasize the presence of the espresso shot. It’s neither too sweet nor too strong, just the perfect balance of coffee and chocolate in one cup for me. I usually avoid frappes because of their high sugar content, but this makes the cut.


One time we went to Restoran Garuda and I finally had the chance to try their other fried noodle variant. The Mee Goreng Pecel (290 php) comes with a peanut sauce (which we had served on the side since my brother isn’t allowed anything with nuts in it). I wasn’t fond of the sauce since it tasted too strong for me and the lemongrass was overpowering for my taste.


A classic favorite; Rodic’s Tapa and rice, 95 php. I could easily eat this for lunch and or dinner all the time.


Every Friday for the month of July, Boulangerie22 had a buy 1 take 1 promo for all their frappes. After book shopping, I made the mistake of ordering the Double Espresso Creme Frappe (99 php for two) instead of the chocolate version, although it tasted good and was not as bitter as I was expecting. Still doesn’t hold a candle to the chocolate espresso frappe though.


Cute painting in the bakery. I love their decor; I’ve been putting off blogging about this branch for awhile because of too much pending posts lol.


One Saturday evening, my brother and I had dinner at Coco Ichibanya in Rockwell since I’ve missed their curry and it’s probably been months since the last time we ate there. The Chicken Curry Rice Gratin (330 php) was a little on the small side but was steaming hot and tasted really creamy and excellent!


What I like about this restaurant is the ability to customize the toppings, as well as the amount of rice to your preference. I had the Creamed Mushroom Omelet Curry (305 php) with an extra topping of chewy clams. Yum yum!


A strange poster near the balut corner in 711.


This sour jelly drink was just enough to cool off and feel refreshed for 50 kcal.

Lately, I’ve become addicted to the chicken shawarma wraps in Turks. Ever since they opened in Greenbelt, I’ve been visiting them quite regularly for my shawarma fix.


Citrus Zone churns out delicious fresh lemonade every time. A better alternative for the sugary iced tea in Wendy’s imo (although I love them both haha)


I tried Eggettes & Co. ‘s Cheesy Ube egg waffles for the first time during this month. It’s become my favorite flavor! The creamy buttery ube ice cream goes well with the salty cheese and is very appetizing on the soft pillowy waffles especially when melted.



Chunky Monkey regular scoop – 130 php

It comes with brownie chunks, slices of  bananas and chocolate syrup.

They currently have an offer on Metrodeal for their jumbo scoop egg waffles and you’ll only pay 99 php instead of the regular price of 165 php. It’s a sweet deal! Purchase your vouchers on Metrodeal here


Some of my friends visited me from Malaysia and we had lunch at Restoran Garuda. We availed of their packet meals which was on an extended promo period.


Ikan Goreng packet meal (on promo) – 199 php

My friend enjoyed it even though it had bones and it’s the first time one of my companions ordered the fish packet. Yey I was finally able to take a photo of it lol. Read my post about Restoran Garuda‘s packet meals here


Chatime released  a new Thai Milk Tea drink which was just fabulous and faithful enough to the original. I had mine with less sugar and it was great.


Buy 1 Take 1 on Family Mart‘s new Tamago sushi set (99 php) I was surprised at how soft the rice was and everything was equally tender, just the way I liked it. Usually the sushi and maki in Philippines’ Family Mart branches cannot be trusted because the rice can be as tough as rocks haha.


I received these Crown Chocolate Charcoal bread as presents which is my absolute favorite in Amor bakery! They’re huge puffs of chewy black bread with chocolate chunks embedded in them. I was supposed to do a blog post about their adorable shop but I also kept putting it off lol. Coming soon!


My friend visited me sometime this month and we went to the Salcedo Saturday Market in Salcedo Village, since she mentioned wanting to see some interesting sights around the city. It was an extremely sunny day so we easily took an uber there.


Huuuuge pieces of jackfruit bigger than cats!


Rainbow bagels! They were 100 php for a pair.


Giant corndog display but of course not the actual product haha


Creamy home made yogurt! My friend treated me to one, and we had the strawberry and mango variants. They were very sour, cool and delicious.


After shopping and eating around the market, my friend bought some milk tea at Serenitea. Like Chatime, they were also offering their version of Thai Milk tea. I wasn’t able to try this, but maybe next time!


For dinner we headed to Little Tokyo for Hana‘s Takoyaki, a must-have when visiting this area of Makati. The restaurant Kagura is photographed her though lol. Their Okonomiyaki is one of the best in the Philippines for me!


They cook the takoyaki fresh outside the restaurant.


Takoyaki – 140 php

We went to Teppen to show my friend around and I bought this korean bbq flavored snack since I love whales. The shapes were so interesting, there’s even an octopus!

I found this korean ice cream waffle sandwich with honey filling and i think nuts. A little sweet but tasty.


One time during the Legaspi Sunday Market, I was finally able to try the Lahmajun which is a kind of Turkish pizza. I ordered mine with beef and chicken.


They bake it fresh while you wait. So awesome!


Lahmajun – 220 php

Wow this was so yummy! The beef and chicken pieces were all juicy and tender on the crisp flat dough with gooey melted cheese. I was surprised at how much I loved it. Definitely one of my new favorites from the Sunday market!


Trying out the rainbow bagels with the cheese spread from Bohol, as well as the Colorful sponge cake from Kuching, Malaysia. The cake was dense and not too sweet!


I warmed the bagels in the microwave since they’ve been kept in the ref. They make really cute snacks for entertaining guests over coffee or tea haha.


Some complimentary coffee in Rockwell while my dad was having a meeting with his realtor.


Lovin the cute set up. Coffee tasted great too!


We had dinner at Wild Ginger after my dad’s meeting. It was our first time to try out that restaurant, and since I was crazy for South east asian food, I was quite excited!


Roti Prata with curry dipping sauce – 175 php

Super LOVED it. The roti was very chewy and freshly cooked; and was absolutely perfect with the warm curry. I want to eat it again!


Nasi Goreng – 275 php

It comes with a fried egg and chicken satay skewers. The fried rice wasn’t too flavorful but I enjoyed the tender chicken sticks. Didn’t really care for the dipping sauce probably because of the pungent lemongrass overtones.


My friends and I had dinner at Zoo Coffee one time, to try out their newest pasta offerings. We had the Bacon Carbonara and the Chicken Penne in chunky tomato sauce. The servings were quite minimal but we really shouldn’t expect much for 145 php. I enjoyed my penne with the cheese sauce though lol.

Read about my Zoo Coffee experience here


My friend and I found this weird drink in the super market from Wilkins which states that it’s a water based drink with real apple juice. So it’s supposed to be Apple flavored water? Well I bought a bottle and it tasted kinda like a weak apple juice but I think it’s still just a fruit juice lol. Great Marketing though.

Wilkins Delight in apple – 15 php

I bought a kilo of fishballs and cooked them on a rainy day because street food during a storm is awesome.

Fishballs 1 kilo – 83 php


Jollijeep‘s Turon – 15 php

Crunchy, piping hot and sweet while watching Mark Wien’s travel videos on youtube


I had Metrodeal vouchers for Dulcinea‘s buy 1 take 1 Classic Churros, but I misread the date for the promo, as it appears that it doesn’t start until the following week lol. So we just stayed in the restaurant anyway and ordered some desserts and drinks.

Iced Cappuccino – 140 php


My brother treated me and my friend to some desserts (eclair, cream puff and a chocolate “beehive” meringue) as well as a platter of churros.


Churros con Chocolate – 118 php


Fish and Chips – 195 php

Quite a generous serving imo. Great with the dip.


Bought this Nissin Cup Noodles ramen with shrimp. I don’t usually eat instant noodles but these days I was feeling lazy to cook.


Best enjoyed on a chilly rainy morning with a mug of hot coffee.


I finally found some Filipinos chocolate biscuits in Family Mart. They are cheaper at 99 php a pack compared to another place where I last saw them. The biscuits are crunchy and covered in a dark chocolate shell. Best to chill in the fridge since the humid climate in the Philippines renders them a disgusting melted mess.


Availing another Metrodeal discount, me and my brother went to Miao Cat Cafe in Quezon city to enjoy unlimited playing time with their fluffy cats. Unfortunately their kitchen was out of food (we went a little after they opened the shop and the deliveries for the cooking ingredients haven’t arrived yet. Boo) so we ended up guzzling the bottomless drinks instead. You may choose from orange, house blend iced tea and strawberry flavors.


They have cakes and muffins available too but I wasn’t in the mood for sweets.


Cute souvenir cafe mug.

This cat wanted to steal the straw haha. One of the white cats succeeded in stealing one eventually though.


Keeping a close watch on the straw lol.

My favorite drink is the strawberry. Perhaps I’ll blog about this cat cafe experience on a separate post eventually.


We dropped by Taco Bell in Trinoma for a late lunch since we haven’t eaten anything since before and after the cat cafe.


I tried the Cheesy Core Burrito since it didn’t have any beans. It was cheesy and tasty even if it’s stuffed with rice. (I’d rather have a riceless burrito)


Couldn’t remember what these were but they were stuffed with meat and vegetable fillings. Pretty good, but I preferred the burrito.


My mother wanted to try out Dohtonbori in UP Town Center, so we had our family dinner there. This branch is way bigger than the one in SM North Edsa.


Tonkotsu Ramen – 290 php


Katsudon – 260 php


We ordered the Umigo (360 php) which features a load of seafood such as shrimp, squid and scallops and the Modern Yaki Mix (390 php) for our okonomiyaki choices. The latter comes with udon noodles to be cooked inside the grilled pancake.


We greatly enjoyed that heavy dinner. I love okonomiyaki!


The Chocolate Kiss Cafe is a popular food spot in the UP campus and I forgot they also have a branch here in Town Center. I need to eat here one time!


A cool looking cloudy dusk.


My mother also enjoys the coffee in Costa so we headed here after dinner.


This is another coffee shop I have yet to blog (and believe me I’ve been meaning to. lol) since I love their interior but I keep failing to start writing about them.


Wow they sell Biscoff. Yum


This cake’s icing is just adorable.


Love love oreos in anything.


I usually order a cappuccino in cafes but it was a humid evening so I opted for a frappe which I’ve never tried here before.


London Cheesecake, Double Chocolate Cookie Mocha frappe, Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate.

The frappe was great with the chocolate syrup and chunks of cookies in it.


The following week, since my brother earned extra profit again from his job, we went out for yakiniku at Urameshiya lol. His treat of course. Yey!


There seemed to be a lot more choices this time around, plus some which I haven’t seen before, such as these yummy looking meat patties.


Stuffed potatoes? wow!


Another kind of interesting looking meat to grill..but we focused on the wagyu cubes hehe


Cute sakura motif on my rice bowl.


As usual, a waitress helped us cook since she could do it faster than us and so that we could concentrate on just stuffing our faces full of food.




I was able to eat way more scallops this time! Hurray! I wasn’t too full maybe because I paced myself well or that they failed to serve us our salads lol.


Cute yummy decor. ~