When I heard about the first ever Rainbows & Unicorns Fair which happened last weekend, we hurried to Eastwood because I didn’t want to miss out on all the colorful unicorn themed action~! Kids and adults alike flocked to the place for the love of everything cute and of course for food and shopping!


This Unicorn pinata is the cutest!


Girly delight: pastel unicorns and rainbow sweets brought to you by Sweet Blooms


THIS UNICORN CAKE IS AMAZING!!! It would make a super cute centerpiece!


These treats are just bursting with colors!


LeMiel Cafe bakes these adorable unicorn goodies as well as their famous Rainbow Mille Crepe Cake which features 5 different flavors (not just the coloring!) for an awesome taste experience for your taste buds. Their cafe is located in the Greenfield District and Booky has also included them in the top 10 list of the most beautiful cafes in Mandaluyong. I want to visit them soon! Follow them on facebook and instagram


Empire Fashion Cafe is one of the well known cafes in Lilac street‘s foodie neighborhood and I heard that they would be setting up a booth here. I wanted to try their Unicorn Freakshake since this place was closer and more accessible than their Marikina branch.


Apparently they’re also selling Unicorn cupcakes but they’ve sold out!


The sample drink.


Only the Mermaid cupcakes were left but they’re equally adorable too~!


The booth is also selling Unicorn themed clothing and fluffy cute accessories.



Mermaid gear.


I loooove these earrings! I bought the pink pair and soon they were all sold out!


I wrote about Mrs.Cooler in a previous blog post and they’ve upped their game by offering Unicorn themed lemonade! The new gradient colors are divine plus they have those slim elongated tumblers which i love haha.


Rainbow sprinkled Churro Pops! The staff cooks them fresh while you wait. I wanted to try the Purple Pop but only the plain and white chocolate kinds were left aww.


This booth is plentifully stocked with cute plushies and accessories!


Colorful mosaic tiles showcasing the Unicorns and Rainbows theme~!


Of course, what would a Rainbows & Unicorns Fair be without a hefty supply of Unicorn phone cases in dazzling rainbow variants. Too bad everything on sale were only for Iphones!


Intriguing Unicorn slime from Maxine’s Slime Bakery. I love the pastel colors and the names of the slimes are so sweet!


Hello Gorgeous by Skinline is known for their Unicorn elixir which is made up of the finest natural oils as well as 98% 24k Gold Flakes.

Shop on their website or visit their kiosk at the Greenhills Shopping Center Tiangge Area booth G12


Adorable hand made accessories and bejeweled trinkets await you in Hop Bop‘s booth.


They provide DIY Unicorn make over sets which include fabric unicorn horns and headbands! The hand crafted horns easily sold out near the end of the day which was just unfortunate for me lol I wanted to dress up our dog or random cats.


The sparkly jewel stickers can be used to glam up your phones or in this case any toy, particularly perfect for ponies and unicorns!



Perfect spot for a photo op!


Snooze Ph offers some of the warmest and cutest onesies on the market, and they have plenty of characters and cuddly critters to choose from. They’re made of the softest material, and even my mother said we should order for all of us in the future and then throw a mini pajama party lol. We’ve already picked our preferred onesies for future reference!


I want this kitty! And the hedgehog’s fur was really nice too!


My brother likes this because it reminds him of his favorite cat in the Neko Atsume app haha.

Order through their website or find them among their partner retailers:

Poshmark Boutique Maginhawa

Empire Fashion Cafe Maginhawa

Playground Cafe Makati

Shopitude Malabon

Visit Snooze Ph on facebook or instagram


After I was done browsing around the retail shops, I returned to the Empire Fashion Cafe booth and decided to order a Unicorn Freakshake since I was feeling a little hungry from all the adorable Unicorn excitement.


Lovin’ that twisty marshmallow!


I gave the rainbow candy stripe to my brother because I thought it would be sour, but he said it wasn’t, and that it tasted sweet. Kinda regretted giving it to him then lol. The Unicorn ears and horn were made of hard sugar candy and the shake itself wasn’t too sweet; it just had a mild vanilla flavor. And omg isn’t it just incredibly cute and photogenic!

The whipped cream mixed in with the pastel blue drink is sooo pretty like a puffy sky!


The Rainbows & Unicorns Fair is ongoing all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays of August in the Eastwood Mall Atrium. If you’re around the neighborhood, (or just love anything cute and Unicorn in general) then I recommend dropping by and joining in on the festivities!


P.S. I’m so grateful to the Marketing Head or to whoever thought up the theme for this fair. It’s just too brilliant and managed to  jump on the Unicorn bandwagon as well as fulfill plenty of kids’ and women’s Rainbow Unicorn fantasies ! 2017 would probably go down in history as the year of the Unicorn lol


Eastwood Mall

Address: 116 Eastwood Ave, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, 1110 Metro Manila

Mall Hours: 11AM to 10PM