If you search for Chatuchak Weekend Market on Youtube and food blogsmost foreign tourists who’ve gone on a food run will most likely mention Coco JJ which is the most famous Coconut ice cream within the market. I’ve made it my mission to eat that ice cream and it became one of my main reasons for visiting Bangkok lol. We had no idea where to find it actually, so thank the heavens for Google Maps which never fails me whenever I travel overseas and unto unknown territory. Good thing Coco JJ was listed there! And eventually, we found the famous stall with their familiar sign board and a line of eager customers.


I like how they decorated their whole stall to the ceiling with coconuts lol.


Some young coconuts.


The coconut ice cream production line awaiting each customer. The husks still have some of their meat on for added natural goodness. Yey!


You can choose the flavor of your ice cream which includes Original Coco, Durian, Mango and even Thai Milk Tea. Most people order the original coconut ice cream, but if you want to try more flavors, you can just order more for an additional 20 baht per scoop. Yummy!


The staff work very quickly to ensure each customer is served asap, despite the long lines.


There are 9 toppings to choose from including coco jelly, corn, sticky rice and peanuts.


I love coco jelly a lot so I had those and some of the sweetened mung beans.


Ta dah! The cutest, and I must say, one photogenic bowl of Coconut Ice cream! Of course, you can get creative with more colorful toppings, but mine is simply minimalist and that’s how I like my flavors for this dessert!


You even get a free cup of coconut water for ever purchase of ice cream on the shell!


So smooth and pure white! I couldn’t wait to dig in!


The ice cream itself had the texture of a sorbet and was really delicious and refreshing, which went wonderfully with the slippery coco jelly and chewiness of the sweet mung beans. Yummy!~


Coco JJ is on facebook and search also for the hashtag on instagram: #cocojj to check out other satisfied customers’ colorful ice cream combinations. It’s super interesting!


We actually found this one branch near exit 2 of Kamphaeng Phet MRT station (Section 1 Soi 36) with even more people. Well the lines here were longer, so I was glad we got ours at the other stall!


Coco JJ‘s coconut ice cream is a perfect cooler option to stand the stifling Bangkok heat. Don’t miss it when exploring the Chatuchak Weekend Market! Read about my experience in this market on my blog post here