I’ve been meaning to try The Bunny Baker many years before when they used to be located in E.Rodriguez street in Quezon City, but it was just way too troublesome for me to travel to. I’ve seen and heard about their adorable bunny gelato, cute desserts and food on the internet, plus they’ve also garnered quite a following in general. They’ve permanently closed up their QC branch earlier this year and moved to Glorietta in Makati which was a great opportunity for me to finally experience their cafe!


Their signature bunny shaped chairs are back, although I wish they painted them in a more cheerful or pastel color.


The rest of the interior and decors are cute and dainty with golden bottles brimming with flowers, and pastel shelves filled with soft dolls and various nick-knacks.


Since the Bunny Baker is also a cake studio, they’ve decorated their cafe with some of their amazing creations and cute character cakes like this Totoro piece!


Check out that incredible level of detail!


Rainbow characters! Of course, the cafe is open to plenty of cake customization options. Just contact them to place an order.


Cute pastel mermaid cake!


I love these fondant kitties!


The cashier and counter area is just adorable lol.


Cookie pops!


Cute decorated cupcakes are also sold. You can check which ones are available for the day in their display case.


Even their utensils and napkins all have a cute pastel colored theme to them.


On our first visit, the staff was kind enough to give all of us several free samples of their gelato. You can ask for a taste before you order!

By the way, the size of their menu has downsized a bit and they no longer serve pancakes which was a such a shame since I haven’t tried those yet.


Pink Lemonade – 75 php

Their Signature pink drink. Very refreshing!


The Bunny Cristo – 285 php

Mozzarella cheese, ham and raspberry preserves on white bread. A little sweet and savory, this is a hearty and cozy sandwich!


Sriracha Kung Pao Chicken – 320 php

Chicken breast, cashews, chili flakes, sesame seeds and sesame oil on spaghetti noodles with Sriracha-infused Kung Pao sauce. Comes with buttered toast.


This pasta is one of their best sellers and with good reason! I think this is one of the best among the Kung Pao dishes in the market, with bold flavors and spices (although the level of hotness might be too much for others). The lean tender chicken pieces also completed the whole dish for me. Definitely a must-try when visiting the Bunny Baker!


This is how much we loved it lol.


Chicken Alfredo – 320 php

Chicken breast, Parmesan cheese and Bechamel sauce on fettuccine with buttered toast.


Truffle Cream – 350 php

Truffle Oil, cream and mushrooms on fettuccine with buttered toast. The truffle flavor was quite prominent in the pasta and the mild cream sauce.


I enjoyed the Chicken Alfredo more thoroughly than I expected. The saltiness of the Parmesan against the creamy sauce got me hooked plus I just loved the tender chicken bites.


I asked for a cat as my latte art and I think they did an incredible job! The staff are quite attentive to details and they pay careful attention to their customers’ requests.


Strawberry Milk – 150 php

Steamed Strawberry flavored milk. It had a mild taste which I think kids would enjoy. It actually reminded me of a drink from my childhood lol.


Single Scoop Bunnylato – 120 php

I tried their Strawberry Milk flavored gelato and it had just the right amount of milk and creaminess, and wasn’t overly sweet as well. Plus those marshmallow bunny ears are just too cute!


Matcha Latte – 185 php

Matcha infused steamed milk. You can also order a version of this latte with espresso shots at 220 php.


The matcha wasn’t too bitter and this latte had a milkier taste. There was a gentle balance of flavors overall.


Red Velvet Hot Cocoa – 150 php

Their signature red velvet hot chocolate recipe. My friend isn’t too keen on coffee, so this is a great option for non-coffee drinkers.


Speculoos Latte – 155 php

Espresso shots with Speculoos and steamed milk.


Ube Latte – 165 php

Ube plus steamed milk. This was my favorite in the bunch. I actually didn’t stir the latte and drank it straight which tasted really delicious! It was like all my troubles just melted away lol! The dregs of the ube jam will be left underneath though which will result in a gritty texture at the bottom of your drink afterwards, but other than that, I can say that is is one of my favorite comfort drinks in the world. If you’re having a bad day, try a cup of this latte and be pleasantly surprised.


I was careful to sip without disturbing the latte art. I wanted to preserve the cute bunny as long as possible lol.


Did I mention the color was just so dreamy? I love purple!


Stay Puft Skilletor – 385 php

Half-baked chocolate chip cookie in a skillet with marshmallows, chocolate syrup and your choice of gelato (default flavor is vanilla). I’ve been wanting to try this for the longest time lol. Cookie skillet desserts have a special place in my fat heart, but this one is made even better since it’s stuffed with marshmallows! We got ours topped with a scoop of chocolate gelato to counteract the onslaught of sweetness overload ahead.


Just look at that perfect, photogenic beauty! We had to take a bazillion photos before the gelato melted away!


I am a total marshmallow addict, hence I was in marshmallow heaven! This dessert was extremely sweet though, so proceed with caution! I think one order is enough to feed 3-4 people since it was overly sweet. Don’t underestimate the size and I don’t think anyone should attempt to eat this on their own lol.


The melted, gooey marshmallows sandwiched in between the soft chocolatey cookie dough was pure bliss. This dessert had everything I loved baked into one: cookie dough, chocolate chips and marshmallows! My ideal sweet ending haha!


For those who can’t stand this amount of sugar, the cafe also offers the same Skillet cookie without the marshmallows, The Skilletor at 325 php. I heard more customers preferred this version but I was more than happy enough with the marshmallow-stuffed one.


The Bunny Baker is located on the third floor of Rustan’s Makati, tucked away in a corner of the toy section. Ask any of your friendly Rustan’s staff and they’ll gladly direct you to the cafe! Recurring fans and new customers are sure to have a darling time at the cutest bakery in Makati!


The Bunny Baker Cafe & Cake Studio

Address: 3F Rustan’s Makati, Courtyard Drive 1226, Ayala Ave, Makati, Metro Manila

Hours: 8AM to 10PM

Contact: (02) 968 6282

The Bunny Baker is on facebook